We develop technologies and products based on Blockchain, which combines various aspects of IT and business in general.

Chain Units platform

Chain Units Platform

ChainUP - Blockchain is a platform for investors, startups, buyers and customers, in which every company, group or individual can release their own token ... , which can buy a finished product or finance new ones: from idea to production. This platform differs from Ethereum and Waves with the following:
1. The creators of tokens must undergo a thorough check, and then release and start selling tokens.
2. The platform will assist start-ups in realizing their ideas, and ensure that the collected funds serve their purpose. Each project will have its own mentors.
3. It is secured with analytical tools for reporting the stages of promotion of tokens.
4. ChainUP supports the promotion of each token in its social media platforms, and is also secured with free marketing advice.
5. Provides a basis for legal representation.
6. Combines individual chains: ChainAI ,ChainIF , CHIR .



Artificial intelligence based Blockchain which will be integrated into many products ChainUP and ...will become an assistant for startups, buyers and investors in solving specific tasks. The main function of ChainAI is forecasting based on statistics and phased planning: the real and IT market.


Chain Insurance Fund

ChainIF - Decentralized insurance fund for almost all types of insurance (health, life, property, assets and other species). ChainIF will also be integrated into ...ChainUP to become a good tool for the users of the platform.
One of the main reasons for the creation of ChainIF, is the insurance of ChainIR reserve assets and the creation of a system that will allow Central insurance funds to insure their assets in a decentralized platform.

Chain Investment Reserve

Chain Investment Reserve

ChainIR - We make investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies more reliable and safe, releasing the new, most secure and reliable digital assets of FAMGA, Monopoly and CoinMagnet... which are secured by the already existing, stable assets of many companies (such as Google, Apple, SpaceX and others), and the most successful, promising cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other).
FAMGA, Monopoly and CoinMagnet will be integrated into the Chain Units Platform and partially or fully insured by the fund ChainIF, providing an opportunity in a decentralized platform to convert them into crypto-currency or assets at an average price that will not depend on "external" prices, at any time (on the day of purchase or after 100 years). A stable formula will formulate the price. Thus, reducing the likelihood of incorrect investment, even in those crypto-currencies that are not secured by anything.
Details about CHIR (Chain Investment Reserve) can find below.

CHIR details

In Chain Investment Reserve, each digital asset has its own reserve of value, for example, shares of the company reserve cryptocurrency, this synthesis and provides maximum reliability from loss in an unstable market.
In on the basis of the mathematical formula, there will be a conversion into the currency or asset you need, for example: FAMGA each coin is secured with shares of 5 companies, in this case, the asset of each company will be divided by the number of x coins sold by us [1FAMGA = 1 / x (F + A + M + G + A)], since in this case the amount from the sale of one unit will be divided by 5 to buy an equal amount of the assets of the 5 companies.
As a result, you can exchange FAMGA coins for the assets of the 5 companies, or convert into one based on the average quantity, so we get a stable reserve that will not depend on market prices even in the future.
Exchange and Currency Reserves Monopoly and CoinMagnet will run roughly along the same principle as the FAMGA but the number of companies or cryptocurrency will not be stable, and a special algorithm will make the conversion and keeping the difference between the value of different types of reserves.

Chain Investment Reserve gives

Best of the best

Blockchain has many advantages, but it is not flawless, so we will work on improving the algorithms and technology of Blockchain to make it more flexible and effective.


The use of Blockchain technology guarantees security, decentralization and accountability of our software projects.


Deep understanding of the needs of the market and business in General: our projects are focused on solving specific problems and implementing the functionality of the crypto economy and the global economy.


Blockchain Explorer provides transparency and decentralized acquisition of shares and cryptocurrency as well as exchange.


We are developing a platform, based on the block-based technology, which practically connects the existing 2 investment tools in one: 2 in 1.


The acquisition of our digital assets is not only an investment process, but a direct acquisition of reserve capital in the form of shares of a successful company or promising cryptocurrencies, which exceeds the profitability of the investment by more than 2 times.


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